I’m back!

I have struggled to find time recently to dedicate to my blog and Twitter but that should change again soon. As a brief update a fair bit has happened since my last post.

  • My paperback cover is now complete and approved and I am awaiting my final hard copy proof before my paperback can go on general sale.
  • I have reached a mighty 600+ followers on Twitter. Might not sound like a lot but I am really pleased so many people are interested in what I have to say.
  • I am now set up on Goodreads with an author profile and have already recieved good reviews on there.
  • I have begun the basic plot of the sequel to Tirfo Thuin – yet to be named – and am very excited about it.
  • I have completed a first draft of a post containing details of self publishing a novel for my work blog. It is a kind of whistle-stop tour of what I have done over the last few years. I’ll post a link soon.
  • I have become a ‘Stealth Editor’ – more details on this to come in a following post but this is consuming a fair bit of my time at present. You authors who have been ‘Stedited’- as I am calling it – know who you are and I hope it has proved to be a useful exercise
  • Fantasy fiction novel is now on sale at more retail outlets. More details on my Tirfo Thuin specific site here: http://tirfothuin.wordpress.com/purchase/

I hope to get more time to dedicate to my followers and my blog over the coming months and get back on to author interviews. Therefore, if you are a self published author and would like to partake in an author interview just let me know.


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