About Me

Andrew Butterworth loves to write and always has. Between his day job as a project manager in Manchester (UK), and spending time with his family, he does his best to devote as much time to writing as possible.

Andrew’s writing fits within the Young Adult Fantasy Fiction genre and his debut novel – Tirfo Thuin – is a prime example. On reading them you will realise the focus is not purely on magic and mythical creatures but on real world situations the readers can relate to. He believes the characters and story should lead a novel and without a connection to the characters a story will not strike a chord with a reader. Tirfo Thuin is for everyone, not just fans of fantasy fiction.

Andrew is very active on Twitter (@tirfothuin) and also spends time updating two blogs – an author blog (https://andrewbutterworth.wordpress.com) and a blog specific to Tirfo Thuin (http://tirfothuin.wordpress.com). Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.