My Cover Art

Tirfo Thuin Ebook Cover

As well as being a budding author I am also a trained Graphic Designer and like to create my own cover art. Below is the cover for my first novel ‘Tirfo Thuin’. This cover encompasses the idea of Niamh, the main character, being the centre of attention and the lone hope in saving the inhabiants of Petuana. It also pulls in some nice aspects of the story that unfold such as the reflection in the water, the raven and the trees.

8 comments on “My Cover Art

  1. This is beautiful. That’s the one thing I fear in self-publishing, my cover. I do not have the artistic ability to make something as beautiful as this. Good job. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Patti. Appreciate it. I actually lost the original files for this during a move so am just redoing it now. I think it will be very much on the same lines though. I was also thinking about doing a post offering a cover design service (maybe with a couple of free ones to get some examples on here) but not sure if I have the time at the minute. Thanks again.

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