Get your book chapter reviewed with #samplesunday

As a keen follower of the Kindle Author blog I wanted to promote a weekly event they push to try and get feedback on sample chapters. This is called Sample Sunday or #samplesunday.

The blog explains the process of getting feedback, reviews, critiques on some of your sample chapters as:

1. Every Sunday, post a writing sample on your blog or website. The writing sample can be from a novel-in-progress or it may be a sample from a book that is already published. Other forms of writing—short stories, poetry, nonfiction, plays—are also acceptable, but for maximum effect make sure you promote just one sample each week.

2. Tweet with a link to your sample post. For example:

“Cold Reading,” by David Wisehart #SampleSunday — please RT!
3. Search for other #SampleSunday tweets.

4. Read other people’s writing samples.

5. If you like a writing sample, please retweet it. If the sample is posted to a blog that allows comments, leave the writer a comment about the sample, saying what you liked about it, or giving constructive feedback. If you’d like to stay connected with the writer, then follow their blog, link to them, etc.

6. Check to see who has retweeted your #SampleSunday, and publicly thank them on twitter. You can also thank retweeters by following them on twitter.

Sounds like a simple but effective method so I intend on putting the first chapter of my soon to be self published fantasy fiction novel on my blog here and see if I get any feedback I look forward to peoples opinions and will be reviewing any #samplesunday posts I see as well.

Find great posts and information on the Kindle Authors blog here:

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