Ebook Cover Design – from initial concept to latest version

I have spent a little time updating my ebook cover design ready for my debut fantasy fiction novel – Tirfo Thuin.

I thought it would be good to get some feedback on the latest cover and also show some of the earlier drafts. I wanted to show how this has evolved into what it is today. Thanks to John Saunders (@Johns_thinking) for his feedback to flip the character and raven to be forward facing (i.e moving forward in their adventure) and to add some colour back into it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Would this cover catch your eye?

Latest Version

Tirfo Thuin cover


The images below show a very early version of this and a few interim jpegs.

Cover design progress


2 comments on “Ebook Cover Design – from initial concept to latest version

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Really like the final cover, the addition of the pink adds more drama and it certainly is headed in ‘the right direction’.

    My only comment would be to remember that you are the ‘brand’ so your name needs to be more prominent. I suggest you shrink the title slightly, put the word ‘by’
    on a single line in lower case (much smaller) and justify your name to the title.

    Hope that helps,


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