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Twitter imageAs a Fantasy Fiction author who is hoping to self publish before the end of the year I have spent just over a month now on Twitter (@tirfothuin) and scouring the Twitterverse for authors like me, people I think I can help or could help me in my quest to become a successful published fiction author. I now follow many authors and many of these follow back. I thought it might be useful for people in the same position I was a month ago to have a ready made list of people they could follow from the off to kick start their Twitter experience.

If you would like me to add you to this list please Like/Tweet this post and then comment below with your Twitter account, a link to your site and whether you are already published or not.

The following list is a mixture of Fantasy, Sci-fi and general authors who I find interesting or useful. Please let me know if you believe you fall under a different category as I expect this list will develop and grow over the coming months.




Please can you Rate/Like/Tweet this post so as many people as possible can benefit from this start list of fiction authors on Twitter.

You can also find an additional list that contains some extra accounts not mentioned here over at Brian Rathbones site –

13 comments on “Fiction Authors on Twitter

  1. Good luck with your self-publishing adventure. This is something I’m still working towards. I, like you, have just jumped into the twitter-verse and I’m slowly starting to understand it 🙂
    It is a great place to meet people & learn more about subjects you enjoy!

    • Thanks very much. You are right, it is very useful. I find it good for getting feedback from a group of authors or readers who might not usually read your type of work. Makes for a good, broad level of feedback and means I can give the same back as well.

  2. Hi, Andrew, twenty years ago I was a young fantasy author with one published short story (in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine). Now I’m an old fantasy author with one published short story. **exhales on fingernails and polishes nails on shirt** Seriously, though, I’m getting back into writing after being silent a long time, recently started a blog at (where I’ve also republished my story mentioned above), and I’m trying to learn Twitter @jmkurtenbach. I’d love being added to your list. Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    I’m a new author with two short stories in print. I’m just starting out really and trying to learn the game, so being added to your list would be great! I can be found @patdavies100. I am still trying to develop a website, so please bear with me…Thanks!

  4. Thanks for following me on twitter, I am following you back and wouldn’t mind being listed. I am published, twitter name is @michelledkeyes. If I can offer any help feel free to let me know or you can check out my blog which has some tips on it. Happy writing!

  5. Hi Andrew,

    The best thing I ever did was go Indie. Totally freeing for the muse! Especially for a genre jumping writer such as myself. Spy Thriller, then a Serial Killer/Police Procedural and now my WIP is an Urban Fantasy.

    Good luck with your future projects and thank you for helping other authors along the way.


    • Thanks for your kind comments, they are much appreciated. I have just been trying to think of things I would have found useful over the last year or so and anything I think would interest me. Let me know if you have any ideas for posts or would like to be featured in an ‘Author Interview’ post. I would love the chance to ask you some questions.

  6. Glad to support someone who appreciates the talent necessary to see it inside oneself and then create it, so others can enjoy it too. All the best and thank you for sharing! I have shared my love of writing on Hubpages, Squidoo, The Professor’s Write Site and The In Ring Warriors Mindset just to name a few. I’ve yet to commit my various pieces to a published work thus far but will in the very near future! Regards Mike AKA the Professor!

  7. Great idea here Andrew. I’d love to join your list. I’m a published author, my twitter handle is @ThomasSullivan4, my website is I’m always on the lookout for new ways to help other authors and myself get the word out about their books, and I’ve found some great podcasts that might interest authors. Thanks, Thomas Sullivan

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