Recieved some good reviews

I have had a few reviews come in on my book over the last few days and thought I would share a few of the nice snippets here from several different reviewers. Thanks to all that reviewed my book, I am certainly going to make some edits based on this feedback.

  1. Your writing style is very clear and concise and very easy to read.  The story had an easy and pleasant flow to it. I liked your use of dialogue which gave more depth to the characters. You used some clever little ideas to make the characters dialogue believable and also to give more insight into them. Well done with this writing and good luck with your work.
  2. I think a surgeons knife wouldn’t go amiss, in other words a bit of ruthless editing to lift the narrative away from the background to give your story a little more depth. That having been said, I think with a little more focus and a little more clarity you could be onto something…good luck!
  3. Shorter, pithier sentences create a sense of immediacy. This is what you want in scenes of high tension.
  4. I did enjoy the story. I thought the plot was strong

Obviously, there was much more than these examples but these seem to sum up to overall consensus. I think I need to work on making my sentences a little shorter and snappier in places and not let my imagination run away with itself in a few sentences. That said, my first novel is being received well so far – even with readers who do not necessarily read this genre in general.

I will continue to post feedback and updates I receive over the next couple of months and may even do a post after publication with a list of reviewers and links to their blogs/Twitter as a thank you.

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